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Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live

Live Production, Travel

Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live was a live television production that aimed to explore and document the opening of four tombs in Egypt that had not been previously opened. The show included discussions with archaeologists, historians, and government officials to provide insight into the history and significance of the tombs. The production crew navigated the logistical challenges of shooting in a remote desert location with limited facilities and infrastructure.

"That's right it's the new kingdom, baby. This is the age of rock-star rulers. We're talking Hatshepsut, Thutmose, Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Chad- I don't think Chad was a pharaoh." 

- Josh Gates
Expedition Unknown

Sourcing equipment and facilities

The production crew assessed the available facilities in Egypt without physically touring them, relying on video and audio conferencing and images of the production trucks.  This posed a challenge in understanding the capabilities and limitations of the local truck, power, and satellite facilities. Additionally, specialty camera, audio and communication equipment, not available in Egypt, were required for capturing imagery from inside the tombs and sarcophagi.

Language and cultural barriers

The crew had extensive pre-trip communication with local audio, comms, and engineering experts to ensure smooth operations on the ground. By establishing clear communication channels and understanding local regulations, they were able to overcome these barriers.

Shipping and transportation

Despite the challenges with shipping equipment, the crew managed to work together with the Egyptian Ministry of Interior, in order to transport the necessary gear in to Egypt. Additionally, the Egyptian government provided customs support to ensure a smooth process, preventing any unnecessary delays.

Kwokman Productions’ role was to lead the technical and operations team, facilitating a live broadcast 20 miles from any paved road, and in the middle of sand dunes. We worked closely with transportation security teams to handle logistics and coordinated with satellite providers to ensure a signal could get from the middle of the desert to the rest of the world.   As the lead technical and operations team, Kwokman Productions worked with the highest level of leadership from the Egyptian government, and senior management at Warner Brothers/Discovery, to preserve and maintain the dig site and accurately represent the amazing findings of the archaeological team.


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