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Kwokman Productions has been an integral part of the world's most iconic events and digital experiences. Our swath of experience and expertise is captured in these six categories.


When it comes to creating a broadcast from scratch, we have a solid track record of success. We take the initial spark of an idea and develop it into a full-fledged production that stands out. With a wealth of experience under our belts, every stage of the process is managed with confidence and capability. Through tackling a variety of projects, we have strengthened our foundation in delivering top-notch broadcasts that capture attention and deliver results.

Concept to Broadcast
Deep Expertise
Creative Execution


TECHNICAL Operations

Our expertise in tackling unique projects helps make complicated broadcast technology straightforward for our clients. Challenges don't faze us; they are why we are here. From in-house equipment to the latest in broadcast gear, our goal is to meet any obstacle with a creative, yet practical solution.

Simplified Operations
Refined Processes
Implementing New Tech 


We craft engaging content that's rich in originality and designed to integrate seamlessly with live broadcasts, elevating the viewer experience. Specializing in narrative-driven pieces, our creative output ensures a distinctive and high-quality production from the first idea to the final frame.

Campaign Concepts
Creative & Design Direction
Unique Content
Broadcast Integration


Our strategy centers on precise logistics and forward-thinking planning, guiding projects from concept to reality. This is where our team shines, expertly weaving together each component for a polished and effective execution.

Streamlined Logistics
Strategic Planning
Operational Oversight


We prioritize reliable and cost-effective content delivery solutions that cover both traditional broadcast and satellite, as well as digital and OTT platforms. Our approach to transmission is tailored to your specific requirements. Kwokman Productions has a network of partners that have access to the farthest reaches of the globe.

Reliable Transmission
Expertise in Digital and OTT
Innovative Transmission Approaches

EVENT Production

We offer a range of event management services that help to ensure a successful event. Our team starts by establishing the concept, then works with clients to finalize visual design through hiring the right vendors, contracting with familiar venues, and providing a seamless experience throughout to process.

Event Management
Vendor Relations
Local Staffing


2082 Business Center Dr

Suite 292, Irvine, CA 92612

(949) 468-0188

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