Kwokman Productions Provides Support for the CBA in China

November 17, 2017, Beijing, China - In continuing its ongoing partnership with various broadcasters in China, Kwokman Productions has brought out a team to work with CSPS, Infront and the China Basketball Association (CBA) to further develop some of the techniques surrounding their live shows.

“We bring a high level of experience in the sports broadcast and entertainment world. Our partners have laid the framework for ongoing support and training of technicians, production personnel and OB Van engineers throughout China,” commented Matthew Kwok, President of Kwokman Productions. “Additionally, we are always absorbing some of the ideas brought to the table by the Chinese broadcasters. This is a true cooperation that both Kwokman and CSPS are excited about.”

During the current trip, the Kwokman team will stop in Nanjing, Donguan, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Shandong and Shanxi. In knowing its broadcast teams, CSPS has selected strategic sites to showcase the partnership. “We will be bringing the Kwokman team to a lot of our production groups. In doing so, the plan is to devise a template that can be taught to all the regional teams, bringing a high level of broadcast to the table, all over China,” said Mr. Xu Yong of CSPS.

In addition to the current trip, there several others planned in the coming six months. CSPS also hopes to bring the Kwokman team out for the CBA playoffs and finals. Finally, Kwok will be speaking at the NAB Show Global Innovation Exchange Event in Shanghai on December 03, 2015. He will be talking on a panel about the advancement of production and technical personnel in China.

About Kwokman Productions

Kwokman Productions is a sports and entertainment production company with an innovative, global vision. Headquartered just outside of Los Angeles, California, Kwokman is involved in all stages of production to create and deliver content that drives results. Recent success stories include multiple accolades for its involvement with Monday Night Football, Sports Emmy’s, and integrating its work into marketing campaigns for clients worldwide.