DJ Driscoll, Producer for Kwokman Productions, is recognized for an Emmy Award

A member of the KP team was honored with an achievement award that has since brought great prestige to Kwokman Productions.  DJ Driscoll was named as part of the group receiving a Sports Emmy Award in the Technical Team Remote department for ESPN’s broadcast of the 2011 Winter X-Games (3D).  

This achievement highlights the talent that can be found within our company and is a personal and professional milestone for DJ and our team at KP. With the start of the Winter X Games fast approaching, it is a timely opportunity to examine the challenging role that DJ has undertaken with this project, and how his professional experience with Kwokman Productions has helped him to advance the skills that have brought him to be recognized for this achievement award.


As a member of the 3D Technical Management team for ESPN, Driscoll has had to deal with challenges from freezing cable to extreme terrain for many years at the Winter X Games in Aspen, CO.  It has been his responsibility to coordinate the 3D crew as well as be responsible for working with the director to find the best positions on a mountain for cameras, ensuring that those cameras could be moved to accommodate any required camera angles or lens inversions. DJ was also responsible for coordinating the 2D and 3D integration, in that his team worked hand in hand with the standard 2D group.

As a personal milestone, this show also marked one of the first times that a 2D show has relied on the left eye of a 3D camera for production.  “The Winter X Games is a big event with many challenges and an incredible amount of coordination. To be able to integrate the 2D and 3D shows with shared resources for the first time at the Winter X Games, was a great accomplishment that took the hard work of a lot of people,” commented Driscoll after being asked how this show differed from other broadcasts he’s been a part of.    

Driscoll has said that the time he has spent working as a Production Manager with Kwokman Productions has contributed significantly to the development of his management skills and broadcast knowledge.  In addition, he does not believe he would be at the level he operates today without the experience he has gained by working for Kwokman Productions.

About Kwokman Productions 

Kwokman Productions is a sports and entertainment production company with an innovative, global vision.  Headquartered just outside of Los Angeles, California, Kwokman is involved in all stages of production to create and deliver campaigns that drive results.  Kwokman has experienced continued growth domestically and internationally in an expanding client base and increasingly diverse project load since its founding in 2001. Recent successes include multiple accolades for its involvement with Monday Night Football, being awarded bids for various government campaigns and integrating its work with various marketing campaigns for clients worldwide.